‘’Bizim Lösemili Çocuklar Vakfı’’ Hospital Building Shed Works Continue without Cutting Speed
bizim lösemili çocuklar

‘’Yolaç İş Merkezi’’
Facade Works have finished.
yolaç iş merkezi

‘’Karatekin İş Merkezi’’
Building Shed Facade Lining
Works have started in Kadıköy, Altıyol.


Determining our targets, making production according to the standards, being customer-oriented, making high-quality production, taking necessary precautions at all process stages in order to minimize environmental effects, developing and applying activities in order to increase efficiency.


Yetisler Group has been working in the area of the production and assembly of aluminum facade lining systems, barrier and guardrail accessories, composite panel aluminum joinery inner-office divide systems and automatic-manual door systems since 1993. The business basis of Yetişler Group is being a leading company in the aluminum sector through offering quality, aesthetic and original designs as well as economic solutions.




In year 2007 Yetisler has moved to a new management Office and headquarter in the cnter of aluminium bussiness in İstanbul. Recently over 50 people is working in the company. Yetisler is exporting accessories and following projects in East Europe, Balkans,  Middle East, Gulf region and North Africa.

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